About us

Maya Productions – Diverse Theatre That Creates Change

Maya Productions bring together organisations and artists who passionately want their work to enable change, socially, politically and culturally. We create opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, culture and classes to experience theatre.

Due to Covid-19, we are adjusting to working in new ways and remain committed to highlighting migration stories, and championing the voices of diverse communities.  Our projects have changed, slowed down, been delayed, postponed, but not stopped. Behind closed doors, we’ve been writing, composing, coaching and mentoring. Routes to Roots, our young people’s project in Sheffield is moving online and we continue, as best we can, to explore new ways of inspiring creativity and building connections across communities.


Our Work Involves

Producing new theatre that highlights stories of migration and champions artists of colour.
Sector development projects that support workforce diversity.
Creating participation projects that cross and combine art forms.

Photos by Barnaby Aldrick, Darren Woolway , Roxanne Grant