After the event

Dust is settling after Up North workshop week. My sleeping pattern is all messed up because of it hence this super late post. Workshop week was amazing though, want to thank all the actors for doing such an amazing job and Virtuous Media for doing some wicked graffiti. Supreme.Frost flew back to Hamburg today, and he was absolutely brilliant with the music and‪#‎SuzanneGorman‬ was an amazing director and producer. It was great seeing the play in front of an audience, it really came to life and they laughed in all the right places and even some unexpected ones too. I got really positive and constructive feedback afterwards and now I need to debrief with Suzanne Gorman on Monday and see what direction I am going to take the re draft in. Plenty of work to do, but what was great about Friday is I can see this play belongs on the stage for the public to see and I just want to thank all of the creatives who were involved and all the people who pledged who enabled this workshop week and performance to happen. Hopefully it will be the first of many public performances of ‪#‎UpNorth‬.