Bright Lights: BAME Role Models and Leaders in Arts and Culture

BAME role models and leaders are important for increasing workforce diversity. Seeing BAME artists in the spotlight builds ambition in young people and motivates individuals to step into a career in the arts. Listening to BAME leaders in positions of power inspires confidence in the ability of the industry to reflect the rich tapestry of our society. Including more BAME workers across the industry takes us closer to the creation of great art that can speak to a wide range of people.

Role models come in different types, BRIGHT LIGHTS, GUIDES, FORGERS and ENABLERS. In different ways they all can influence others and make a difference.

This guide shows how BAME role models can help challenge and change the status quo. It shows how role models can change perceptions of who should and shouldn’t work in performing arts. It shows how leaders and organisations can take practical steps to open the sector up to a more diverse workforce. And it shows how to seek out role models and learn from them.

This guide is designed to help more Bright Lights, Guides, Forgers and Enablers take the stage and make the performing arts a more inclusive place to work.

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