Up North invited to pitch at Beam Showcase

About a month ago me and the director Suzanne Gorman, went up to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to pitch to get a place on the BEAM Musical Theatre Network and Mecury Musical Developments showcase. This is a showcase where we will get to pitch Up North to interested venues and co-producers. Rehearsing for the pitch was fun but really hard to get it down to ten minutes, because we wanted to showcase ourselves, the story, the characters, some dialogue, the music and why we wanted a place in the showcase all in ten minutes. We rehearsed loads, including in the lobby of the West Yorkshire Playhouse and it was worth it, because our actual pitch went really well and was exactly ten minutes long. We had a good feeling afterwards and last week found out we have been selected for the showcase in March. Looks like 2016 is going to be a great year for Up North!!