About us
Who is Maya?
Our Vision
A world where everyone, regardless of age, ability, culture and class have access to good quality theatre experiences
What we do
Make diverse theatre to create change.
We are driven
To make work led by ethnically diverse artists

Who is Maya?

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where everyone, regardless of age, ability, culture and class has access to good quality theatre experiences.

Our Mission

We make diverse theatre to create change.
We bring together organisations and individuals  who passionately want their work to enable social change and racial justice in the arts.

Our Aims

To make work led by global majority artists (African, South Asian, and Latin American Diasporas)
  • presenting authentic stories of contemporary relevance
  • challenging unhelpful assumptions, and stereotypes surrounding underrepresented communities
  • finding the right form for the story – working without limits
  • establishing partnerships to amplify these voices to larger audiences and advocate for wider societal change
  • profiling global majority background role models to inspire the next generation.
To engage with young people and underrepresented communities across the UK:
  • unlocking the creative potential and developing the skills of our participants.
  • demystifying theatre processes.
  • inspiring a diverse pool of artists, industry professionals for the future.
  • reaching new audiences for our work and that of our partners, particularly those traditionally least engaged with theatre.
To promote workforce inclusion across the arts:
  • raising awareness of barriers to progression and offer practical steps to make change through research projects and race and allyship training
  • supporting career pathways for individuals through coaching and mentoring
  • enabling organisations and leadership teams to pave the way for greater inclusion and equity for artists, freelancers and employees

Team & Board of Trustees

Suzanne Gorman Artistic Director at MAYA
Artistic Director

Suzanne Gorman

Christopher Preston Company Founder - Writer/Director/Producer
Founder and Trustee

Christopher Preston


Rae Garvin

Jo Carter Director of New Writing, Arts Participation

Jo Carter

Current Collaborators:

Artist: Dynamic Flights

Thahmina Begum

Producer: Dynamic Flights

Cara McAleese

Artist: Dynamic Flights

Monika Dutta

Trainee Artist: Dynamic Flights

Thananya Kaewsanthia

Theatre / Arts Practitioner: Routes to Roots and Dynamic Flights

Nisha Lall

Theatre / Arts Practitioner: Routes to Roots

Ethel Maqeda

Community Arts Practitioner: Talking About My Generation

Janet Steel

Community Arts Practitioner: Talking About My Generation

Rez Kabir

Community Arts Practitioner: Talking About My Generation - Bradford

Sharena Lee Satti

Theatre / Arts Practitioner: Routes to Roots Coventry

Reena Jasiah

Community Arts Practitioner: Talking About My Generation - Bradford

Aamta Tul Waheed

Artist: Routes to Roots Coventry

Daya Bhatti

Playwriting Tutor: Diverse Voices

Breman Rajkumar

Writer, Super Chefs

Betsy Picart

Producer, Super Chefs

María Cuervo

Composer, Super Chefs

Ariel Cubria

Ada Onyekwelu

Ada Onyekwelu

Lizzie Vogler – freelance Producer and Executive Consultant
Freelance Producer and Executive Consultant

Lizzie Vogler

Riz Maslen
Composer, Benny and the Greycats

Riz Maslen

Mike Gorman
Composer, Benny and the Greycats

Mike Gorman

Paul Sirett
Dramaturg, Benny and the Greycats

Paul Sirett

Sam Holland
Producer, Benny and the Greycats

Sam Holland

Nancy Poole
PR Consultant

Nancy Poole

Gemma Baxter Workforce Development Manager

Gemma Baxter

Sharon Mitcheson
Digital Producer

Sharon Mitcheson

Past Collaborators Include:

Matilda Ibini, Ade Adeluwoye, Tongesayi Gumbo, Sile Sibanda, Jason Patel, Natasha Lewis, Keshini Misha, Adam Samuel-Bal , Tanveer Devgun, Oliver Manning, Nadjet Ben Maghnia, Blake Sherwin, Jo Eaton Kent, Arun Ghosh, Oladipo Agboluage, Victor Rios, Alton Brown, Tania Rodrigues,Theo Toksvig-Stewart, Nicole Sawyer, Shala Nyx, Emma Kedge, Marina Hadjilouca, Katharine Williams, Diane Alison-Mitchell, Shane Melisse, Gary Horsman, Maisie Nicholas, Matt Llewellyn Smith, Nadine Rennie, Jaye Kearney, Wayne Gamble, Little Mighty, Enric Ortuno, Seda Yildiz, Seema Bowri, Adam Colbourne, Urielle Klein-Mekongo, Jacob V Joyce, Cristal Cole, Raphael Veras, Elle Rose, Maya Ellis, Ellie Collier, Ashtar Al Khirsan, Salihah Agbaje, Pip Nash, Sam Petherbridge, Nicole Grandision, Liz Greenfield, Rasheeda Guinn, Tessa Gordziejko, Akbar Kumar, Jonny Wright, Supreme Frost, Ben Wright, Harry Jardine, Peter Bankole, Daniel Gentely, Ashley Chin, Kieran Hardcastle, Ian Williams, Ed Sunman, Anu Kumar, Shireen Mula, Domokos Wootsch, Eva Auster, Michael Rosen, Penny Cliff, Nathan Penlington, Akkas Al-Ali, Samina Baig, Michael McMillan, Stacy Makishi, Jessica Smerin, Peter Clark, Taylan Halici, Maureen Hibber, Tammy Mendelson, Richard Sumitro, Roshni Savjani, Valentin Hoffmann, Jack Murphy, Janet Steel, Abigail Graham, Morgan Thomas, Becky Brown, Lucy Shilton, Samia Masood, Asha Joshi, Bridget Hearne, Rosanna Raymond, Rangimoana Taylor, Bethany Matai Edmunds, Sara Clifford, Delmozene Morris-Ley, Amani Napthali, Lina Dhingra and Neil Biswas.


Maya Productions works in partnership with other organisations to develop and deliver work. Past and current partners include Refugee Youth, Croydon Early Intervention Support Service, Half Moon Theatre, Peckham Theatre, Soho Theatre, English Touring Theatre, Community Catalyst and Community Action Southwark, Southwark Council, Immediate Theatre, Harrogate Theatre, The Brick Box, The Zakir Family Centre, Landscape, South Bank Centre, Croydon Music and Arts, British Red Cross, Croydon Disability Youth Service, Why Comics, Central Foundation School for Girls, Ovalhouse, Sheffield Theatres, Theatre Deli, Migration Matters Festival, Barbican, Ignite Imaginations, Home Slough and the National Theatre.


Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England, Awards For All, Creative Newham, Creative New Zealand, Croydon Council, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Fusion Fund, Hackney Council (Hackney Cultural Development and Hackney Council Library Service), Lloyds TSB Foundation, London Calling, Newcomen Collett Foundation, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, Sanctuary Housing, Skinner’s Company – Lady Neville Charity, Steel Charitable Trust, Teale Charitable Trust, The JG Graves Charitable Trust, The Learning Trust, The Morel Trust, The Trust for London, The Zakir Family Centre, Unity Theatre Trust and Waltham Forest Council.

MAYA wants to change what takes place on our stages and screens and you can be part of it.

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