Anna Álvarez

Anna Álvarez
– Movement Director

Anna is a Latinx artist, her work is as a dancer, choreographer, movement director, movement researcher and producer.

Anna’s training in Contemporary Dance, Tango and movement of the Latinx diaspora gave impetus to creative exchanges, and the subsequent hybrid languages that emerged formed a vision, of a collaborative and cross-disciplinary company rooted in the Latinx heritage. She is curious to explore the boundaries of disciplines. She creates work that uses performance as the medium to share our stories from the epic to the everyday. She seeks to take risks, think big and explore. 

Her work occupies a distinct position in the fields of dance and theatre, drawing in and blending ideas from her movement heritage, magical realism and the cultural landscape. She aims to create work that connects us to ourselves, community and environment. In creative teams and teaching she aims to empower and free performers through movement and embodiment. Anna is the founder of Anna Alvarez Compañia, a dance theatre company that explores storytelling through movement, mixing ideas from dance, theatre, music and illustration through the lens of the Latinx diaspora. 

Anna joins the Súper Chefs Team as a movement director and is excited to share this work with the Maya Productions team and London audiences.  

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