Artist Development

MAYA Productions

We believe that nurturing the next generation of artists and theatre practitioners is crucial to creating an exciting and diverse arts landscape.

We offer mentoring, shadowing and coaching opportunities to the emerging artists we work with. We also create bespoke programmes for writers and practitioners looking for support to develop themselves and their work.

To find out more how we can help you with your work and career progression please contact us.

“Suzanne was an absolute Godsend to me when I was working on my first one woman show. She helped me develop a narrative, honed the structure and worked with me on my performance. My time with her helped me shape and deliver a piece of work I’m really proud of.”

Ayesha Hazarika, on Tales from the Pink Bus

“I found it incredibly insightful shadowing Dipo during his playwriting process. The sessions I attended solidified the power storytelling and how it can reach people of all ages and all walks of life and bring them together and feel connected. I think this is a great idea for playwrights to shadow other playwrights as not many theatre company’s offer such a unique opportunity to witness the creation of plays during the creativity and chaos.”

Matilda Ibini on shadowing playwright Oladipo Agboluage.

“The experience as an Assistant Director was excellent and I felt proud to be able to achieve and represent Maya Productions in meetings and work in a way I have not been familiar with. Suzanne is a great mentor and I improved my confidence and built a DO attitude with her.”

Victor Rios on his experience as Assistant Director.
Victor now runs our workshop programmes for young people.

At the end of the process I felt like I found my voice as a playwright and I have the confidence to keep creating new work. What I appreciated the most was that Suzanne was invested in my success, just as much as I was.

Betsy Picart

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