Diverse Voices aims to successfully open up avenues for students to have access to theatre and performing arts through engagement with a professional playwright, team of actors and a designer.

Introduction to the project

Diverse Voices:Writing the Future is a playwriting programme to develop creative skills and give a platform to the diverse voices of students at Central Foundation Girls’ School. 

Led by Breman Rajkumar, students are introduced to the key principles of playwriting and creative skills through a series of workshops.  

Students explore the craft of playwriting and are invited to express their own creativity through writing a play. They are empowered to use playwriting and writing for performance as a platform for self expression and to amplify their voice.

Diverse Voices also supports educational attainment through building transferable skills in speaking, writing, listening and communication.The programme culminates in a professionally acted and directed showcase performance of all the plays to an audience of peers, and family, encouraging the students to feel proud of their achievements.

The project employees South Asian and global majority practitioners to inspire ambition and act as role models for this diverse school community.

Full programme 2023

Pilot programme 2022

Project aims

Our key aims for the Diverse Voices project were to:-

  • Reduce inequality of access to theatre and the performing arts for groups traditionally underrepresented, as creators, workers, and audiences.
  • Empower predominantly South Asian (Bangladeshi) and Global Majority young students to use playwriting and writing for performance, as a viable platform for their voice and self expression.
  • Inspire ambition by employing ethnically diverse creatives who will act as role models for the students.
  • Place value on the participants’ creativity and encourage pride in their achievements by sharing the work, through a professionally acted and directed performance with peers, family, friends and the local community.
  • Support wellbeing through engaging in activities that are fun, enjoyable and that both participants and their families and friends can take pride in.

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