Workshops and Participation

MAYA Productions

Working with young people and community groups is an integral part of Maya Productions work.

We open doors to those whose voices are not heard enough. We take people in new directions, enabling them to think, feel and be different once they have participated in our work.

People from previous projects have said:

“I have learnt I can reach higher.”

“The session was really good. The young people engaged well. It was dynamic. They had fun and learnt new words and concepts It was a good balance between acting and speaking and also between working in small teams and with the whole group”.

“These projects are important as they open the young people’s minds to new ideas, It also helps them to show their hidden skills in an environment which appreciates it. It allows young people to be creative.”

“I learnt that I can do more if I try. This project was different as it was drawing, acting, creating all in one go. My favourite thing was drawing my comic.”

If you would be interested in us coming to run a bespoke participation project with your youth or community group, or school please do contact us.

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