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We continually need support from our community and beyond
Suzanne Gorman Artistic Director at MAYA
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Suzanne Gorman

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Maya Productions is a non-profit organisation that has been making diverse theatre that creates change for 25 years: promoting social change and racial justice in the arts.  We highlight stories of migration, champion ethnically diverse artists, extend participation in the arts and promote workforce diversity across the sector.

In order to continue to do the work that we do, we continually need support from our community and beyond.  Please click on the link below to give what you can so we can continue to make a difference in the Arts.

“For me – it was a very helpful piece, they show, like, everyone is the same, people are not different, people from different cultures, different countries, everyone is the same. They need to show that between them is a peace, not fighting.”

Audience member, the Croydon Avengers

Suzanne has been with me since the start of Up North providing amazing creative insight and support to enable not only the play to grow but providing me with the seeds to help me grow and blossom as a writer.” 

Writer Jonny Wright

“Innovative and inclusive creative work with young people is extremely important for development and well being. Really great production, thank you!” 

Audience member – participation project

“It makes you more confident. And I’m feeling more confident these days, after the performance.”


“I was inspired by Maya Productions in 2018 after excitedly working with such a ground-breaking company. Recently Suzanne generously offered to mentor me on writing my first Arts Council application. I had always struggled with syntax and language and lacked confidence transferring vision to word. I reached out and was offered support and guidance when I needed it the most. I was offered tips on how to write concisely and clearly and was inspired to go deeper into that once-feared abyss. As a multi-cultured young female in the Arts industry I finally felt recognised, mobilised and empowered by Suzanne and I was successful in my endeavour. Thank you MAYA, you represent the meaning of community spirit.”

Shala Nyx

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