The Croydon Avengers – Behind the Mask 3

The Croydon Avengers – Behind the Mask 3

The Croydon Avengers – Behind the Mask 3 150 150 MAYA Productions

I’m an artist based In north London and have been making comics for 4 years. I’ve had an interest in comics since I was 6 from reading the sonic the hedgehog comics, beano, marvel and DC and then some manga’s in my teen years. My style is influenced by Jamie Hewlett of the Gorillaz and tank girl comics. I started drawing from the age of 5 and never stopped.

I usually work with a fully written script that has dialogue, set imagery and page layout to consider. Fortunately, this project didn’t have dialogue, which allowed me to put a lot of visual information within the panels.

I had to approach the comic for The Croydon Avengers in a different way to give a clear understanding of the mood and storytelling. To do this, I used colours to help express the moods and atmosphere in each panel. This also helps convey characters emotions. I’m happy with the end result and that the way the comic flows. I hope you enjoy my work.

The superpower I would like to have is to be able to transform into any animal, so I’d be able to fly, have great speed and change my size from a tiny ant to a massive elephant.

Shane Melisse

Comic Artist, Illustrator

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