The Croydon Avengers – Behind the Mask 5

The Croydon Avengers – Behind the Mask 5

The Croydon Avengers – Behind the Mask 5 150 150 MAYA Productions

Being in The Croydon Avengers makes you feel like you’re a real-life superhero! When the sound effects and lights kick in your heart starts beating faster; you know it’s time to fight crime! The play has got a fantastic pace to it that sweeps you up and throws you into the heart of the action. It’s go go go; from fighting moped thieves one moment to fighting amongst ourselves in the next.

What’s great about being in the show is it’s really a team effort. We all have to work together to keep the ball rolling. Being a young superhero’s means we all get to bounce off what the other characters are doing; whether its what they’re saying or unleashing their awesome powers!

I love that we get to interact with the audience in this show; it just makes it so fun and playful! It’s great to really engage with people directly, whatever their age, and to involve them in our story and develop a relationship between them and our characters. Hopefully, it means they’ll be rooting for the Avengers! The audience really is as important as any one of us.

Playing Petr is such a joy because he lives from moment to moment. He’s sparky and excitable and energetic and constantly keeps me on my toes. Although, because he doesn’t speak the best English, that lack of fore-thought can land him in a bit of trouble, but his hearts always in the right place. We all got to learn karate during rehearsals, and it’s so much fun to take that work and put it on stage; I think the fight scenes look really brilliant!

But perhaps the best thing about doing the show is knowing that you’re telling an important story about these young people and about Britain as a whole. I think it speaks on many levels, and I hope the audience gets to leave with lots to talk about!

Theo Toksvig-Stewart

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