XYM from Hamburg

XYM from Hamburg

XYM from Hamburg 150 150 MAYA Productions

So after recording until 2.30 am in Hamburg last night today started with my first lie-in of the week. It was amazing not to set an alarm and when I woke up we had a Kickstarter donation which was a really nice start to the day. The rest of the day was spent sorting out an equipment list with Supreme Frost for our workshop week, making a note of the specific DJ equipment he will need for the week and researching how to get hold of it. The rest of the day was spent with me learning my rap lines for a show tomorrow night in Hamburg and also writing a new rap called Black Lives Matter for a new beat which Supreme made today. The song took me a couple of hours and I didn’t have a title or a hook but when I started writing the hook it came to me in less than a minute. It’s funny how creativity works sometimes. Anyway, the hook goes
‘Hit da streets, it’s more than a slogan
Storm the platform, I’m more than a token
Black Lives Matter, It goes unspoken
Black Lives Matter, Show them show them!

And repeat.

Here’s the video


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