The Croydon Avengers

by Oladipo Agboluaje

Maya Productions, Ovalhouse, and Harrogate Theatre in association with LittleMIghty.

Presented as part of Ovalhouse FIRST BITES Season :
FRI 3 & SAT 4 NOVEMBER 11am & 6pm
with work-in progress performances at Harrogate Theatre, Croydon Youth Arts Takeover, Southbank Centre and Theatre Peckham


Regina Rump is on the rampage! A trio of masked vigilantes send Croydon’s crime rate plummeting. They’ve run away from their war-torn homes and are just trying to help. But Regina’s not happy about it.


She orders her media outlet “ Rump News ” to unmask the trio and get them off the streets. Are they terrorists? Criminals? Either way, she thinks they are a threat to British identity.


Then a freak accident at the Gatwick deportation centre gives the trio powers beyond their wildest dreams. Suddenly they must learn to control them and convince a sceptical public of their good intentions in the face of a hostile media. Can three teenage refugees really become the saviours of a doomed nation?


The Croydon Avengers is inspired by our Superheroes:South of the River project that involved young refugees. The play’s unique style blends comic book visuals with action-packed martial arts to tell a funny, powerful story of terrorist threats, heroism and true friendship in an England that seems frightened of anyone who’s different.

This Autumn we hit the rehearsal room with actors to explore the play and will be presenting work-in progress performances to audiences aged 11+. Each performance will be accompanied by a post show discussion or workshop to share our  theatre process and invite our young audiences to give feedback to help the next stage of the production.

Work -in- progress performances are at:

Croydon Youth Arts Takeover, Activities Space Museum –  Saturday 28 October 2pm

Harrogate Theatre – Monday 30 October 5:30pm

Harrogate Schools – Tuesday 31 October

Southbank Centre –  Wednesday 1 November 10:30am

Theatre Peckham –  Wednesday 1 November 5pm – To book tickets please click here

Ovalhouse FIRST BITES –  Friday 3 & Saturday 4 November 11am & 6pmTo book tickets please click here

A full production of The Croydon Avengers is planned for Summer 2018.

To learn more about our rehearsal process – check out our social media or our “Behind the Mask” section of our website.


Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, by Croydon Council and Teale Charitable Trust