Superheroes: South of the River

Our local project turning the word on the streets into bold and exciting theatre for young local audiences.

150917_Maya Superheroes South of the River Autumn 2015

We are very excited to be working with Croydon Disability Youth Project to run our next Superheroes project in Summer 2017.

Maya Productions aims to support the progression of young people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and diverse backgrounds as they develop into artists and cultural leaders of the future.

Superheroes: South of the River is a unique cross arts project bringing together theatre, martial arts and comic book storytelling to create new diverse superheroes and superheroines with young people.

Inspired by the lack of representation of BAME and other diverse characters in western comic books and films the project has worked with over 200 young refugees and other young Londoners since 2015.

Please see below for our video, comic book and impact report.

A new play to tour to young audiences inspired by the project is being written by Oladipo Agboluage. We are looking forward to producing this with Oval House and Harrogate theatre.

To find out more about our summer project email Suzanne on



Superheroes South of the River from Suzanne Gorman on Vimeo.

See our report here  IMPACT REPORT

View our comic here : Superheroes:South of the River Comic

Photos from Superheroes:South of the River Performance.

Partners have included:

Refugee Youth Click Here,

Theatre Peckham Click Here,

Croydon Youth Arts Click Here

Young Roots Click Here


Photos by Katherine Leedale.