The Croydon Avengers Online Resource

Introducing The Croydon Avengers - the comic.

For Refugee Week 2018 we partnered with Why Comics? to create a resource pack for The Croydon Avengers.
Comic book Artist Shane Melisse has illustrated a new comic to introduce our refugee superheroes
and we have a series of suggested activities for both Primary and Secondary schools that link to our production. Click on the slideshow below.
The play by award winning writer Oladipo Agboluaje was at  Harrogate Theatre from 14 – 16 June, Ovalhouse 19 – 23 June and Blue Elephant Theatre on 29 June and 1 July.
These educational resources can be used with the play or independently to engage students with topics such as identity, discrimination and media presentation. These activities are interdisciplinary and can be used to support learning within subjects such as English, Citizenship, PSHE, Drama, Arts and Design, and Media Studies.
We would like to thank teachers at Central Foundation Girls School and St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School for contributing to the creation of these educational resources.
Comic and Introductory Exercises – For Primary and Secondary Students
Philosophy for Children – For Secondary Students
Primary School Creative Lesson Plan
Primary School Resources
Primary PPT_4 Lessons_Why Comics Croydon Avengers
Secondary School Resources (Media representation + Identity)
 Secondary PPT_Media Represenation_Why Comics Croydon Avengers
Secondary PPT_Identity_Why Comics Croydon Avengers
The Croydon Avengers was presented in a co-production with Ovalhouse and Harrogate Theatre and in association with LittleMighty.

Supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Croydon Council, Teale Charitable Trust and Newcomen Collett Foundation. Partners include Counterpoints Arts, British Red Cross and English Touring Theatre.